Build a strong foundation of financial support

To help you build a successful electronic giving program for years to come, Vanco has compiled a number of proven methods and materials for raising awareness of electronic giving. The following resources are gleaned from years of experience working with more than 20,000 churches of all sizes.

Explore our continually expanding library of case studies, ebooks, articles, guides, timelines and presentations to help you make an informed decision about selecting and launching an e-Giving program.




Discover industry research, thought leadership and
Learn how to evaluate providers, get your
committee on board
and how e-Giving
Get equipped with
the right tools and
knowledge to launch
your e-Giving program.




“We are very happy with Vanco. Our online offering has grown significantly since we’ve started. They are very professional, reliable and have great customer service.”

First United Methodist Church of Odessa — Odessa, TX

Vanco is a sponsor of GCFA, helping it in its ministry to churches and others within The United Methodist Church connection.

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